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Ferraz-Shawmut Mersen ATM 30/40 Fuse

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Product Details

Amp-Trap® midget fast-acting ATM fuses are rated 600 volts AC and DC, with a 100kA interrupting rating. These ratings give the ATM a wide range of applications not covered by other midget fuses. In addition, ratings of 30/35, 30/40 and 30/50 amperes are offered for specific applications such as capacitor protection. These ATM fuses must still be considered 30A fuses because of their dimensions, but are able to withstand much higher inrush currents and tougher duty cycles. (Not for Branch Circuit Protection).

  • For supplemental protection of small motors and transformers
  • Extended ratings for special protection of capacitors and circuits with high inrush currents
  • 600VDC ratings for a wide variety of applications including photovoltaic and solar applications.
  • Can be used with UltraSafe™ fuse holders
  • 1 1/2" x 13/32" (10mm x 38mm) dimensions

Item Number - ATM30/40

Item Description (ERP) - 90208-FUSE,FORM 600 - Fuse Amp-Trap® 600V 30/40A Fast-Acting Midget ATM Series

Rated voltage AC UL - 600 V

Ampere Rating - 30 A

ROHS Compliant - Yes

Fuse Class - Midget

Speed/Characteristic - Fast-Acting

Mounting - Clip

AC Max I.R./Breaking Capacity: I1 - 100 kA

Connection/Terminal Material - Tin-Plated Copper

Connection/Terminal Type - Ferrule

Body/Insulating Material - GMG

Product Weight - 0.012 lb

Product Diameter - 0.41 in

Product Length - 1.5 in

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