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RaleighEV grew out of a random, completely worn out little car being towed into an automotive shop.  The owner had rescued a Triumph Spitfire from the crusher because he'd always wanted one, and told us to do something "fun" with it. Using this as a chance to bring a dream to reality, we slowly over the past two years fell deeper and deeper into the EV conversion world, meticulously picking out components, researching every detail possible; learning that everyone in the business has a different set of rules and opinions on how a build should go - and slowly defining what our view and process would end up being in general.  If our intention had been to do just one, we would've finished a year and a half ago.  But our intention was repeatibility and reliability. Using premium components and proving they can work well together.  We can make your dreams come true for your ride, call in and reserve your conversion today!


Whether we are installing for you a Netgain Hyper9 motor, a Tesla conversion swap or an old school DC Warp9 build... whether we are going with Model S battery modules, Nissan Leaf packs or aftermarket battery options... whether we are going with classic gauges or touchscreens... there are a lot of options to a custom build. We can steer you in the right direction or we can just listen and pluck your dreams out of your head and plant them in reality. We are passionate about what we do and want to make you look just as good plugged in as when you're rolling down the road unplugged and free.

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