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Chill Plate for Hyper9 X1 and X144 Controllers

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Chill Plate – Liquid Cooling plate for HyPer-Drive X1 & X144 . Solid Aluminum, machined channels, 1/8” NPT port holes.

When combined with a proper liquid cooling pump and radiator, this Chill Plate will extract significant amounts of heat generated by the X1 and X144 controllers, vastly extending the controller's high power operation time. This is a must have accessory for anyone looking to push the limits of the HyPer 9™ Motor! The HyPer-Drive X1™ has an operating temperature range of -40°C to +95°C. When the controller's heatsink temperature reaches +80°C, Thermal Cutback Mode will activate linear de-rating of the controller's output power. This linear de-rating continues until shut down at +95°C. Without a chill plate, the current rating of a properly mounted HyPer-Drive X1™ is 750A for 2 minutes. A liquid cooling loop, fed through this chill plate, can yield approximately 2-3 times the stock duty cycle. A liquid cooling system is strongly recommended for any application requiring a continuous rating above 200 Amps.

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