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About Us

RaleighEV is an electric vehicle conversion shop right here in the Triangle servicing the east coast and surrounding areas. These are incredible times where we can take iconic vintage or modern vehicles and transplant in electric drive systems, to create wholly unique driving experiences that turn heads and connect with how you define yourself.


Our builds are state of the art, with modern electric motors, advanced battery management systems and intelligent charging systems that all communicate on shared networks in the car to provide seamless control and extra layers of safety. We run battery cooling and heating to extend the life of your investment in the battery pack. We can add in what you want and need to each specific vehicle; high voltage cabin heaters and air conditioning that run off of pack voltage, power steering and vacuum systems in order to maintain stock ride/feel, and integration with oem equipment. 


RaleighEV is an electric division of Matt's Auto Shop, our electric work here at the shop is limited by only your imagination and the laws of physics. If you are doing your own build browse our store! We are an authorized Netgain Motors Dealer supplying all of your Hyper9 motors and accessories and will have more offerings over time. Peruse our website, and if you are on Instagram, you'll find us updating with posts regularly, @mattsautoshop.

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Electric Vehicle


Electric Vehicle


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Electric Vehicle


Electric Vehicle


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How It Works

The Motor Swap

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​In simple terms, we are removing the gasoline powered engine from your vehicle permanently. Along with it goes any of the emissions equipment, supporting systems, exhaust, fuel supply and anything else unnecessary with the engine gone. In its place goes an electric motor. Most of our conversions use an adapter plate to connect the motor with a manual transmission. We have different options for motors but our most common choice designed specifically for conversions has an RPM range similar to a gasoline engine but with a wide torque band starting at rest and pulling strong high up into the RPM range. And when you come to a stop you don’t need to push the clutch in as the motor comes to a stop as well! We also program our motors for regenerative braking. The motor controller monitors how much pressure you’re applying to the brake pedal and adds a varying amount of brake regen to not only help bring the vehicle to a stop and cut down on brake wear but to also help recharge the pack and extend the vehicle’s range.

Batteries & Accessories

To power the motor, we build custom battery boxes to install in your vehicle. Typically, we run with lightly used Tesla modules from a Model S but there are a ton of options that vary with each build and its own unique requirements. We can build lighter boxes for vehicles who do not need a lot of range and will only be driven around downtown, and we can build larger boxes for the customer who needs to get out and about. We use sophisticated battery management systems to help keep the packs balanced and healthy.

To keep you comfortable in your car, we keep as many of the creature comforts stock as possible and convert over others that were originally powered either directly or indirectly by the gasoline motor. A good example, the cabin heater of most cars gets heated by coolant that was heated in turn by the gasoline motor. In our builds, we install a high voltage heater that runs off the battery pack since we no longer have engine coolant as a heat source.


What changes in the way your car operates? Driving the vehicle is simple and intuitive, turn the key and you’re ready to go. We typically couple the electric motor to a manual transmission for multiple reasons; preserve a natural feel to the vehicle, give the customer options on gearing when driving in different situations, an easy and natural way to disconnect the motor from the wheels with the clutch… and it’s fun! We can do automatics as well, they are simply more involved. If we go with a Tesla motor swap we do not need a transmission anymore as those motors have such a wide RPM range they don’t need extra gears.


Day to day? Turn the key and go! When you get home, plug it in and walk away.


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Powered by EV Enthusiasts Concerned about our Future

Proper Tools and Safety Procedures

Certified Electric Vehicle Mechanics

Vetted, Name Brand Components

We Handle all Aspects of the Build to Make it Easy on You

Concern for Details, Design and Proper Wiring

Why Choose Us

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Electric Vehicles


One of the main problems with classic vehicle ownership is that they tend to go long periods of time without being driven, leading to more and more problems keeping them tuned correctly and available to be enjoyed. You add in poor gas mileage and a general concern for the vehicle leaving you stranded while joyriding and you end up with a car that's good to look at and not much else. This is without even focusing on the environmental impacts from cruising around with unregulated and antiquated emissions controls on vintage gasoline engines. Updating the vehicle's electronics and swapping the drivetrain out for electric eliminates the vast majority of future issues with the vehicle and helps you have a car ready to roll out when you want to, just unplug from the wall and go.

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130 Annaron Ct.  Raleigh, NC 27603

Phone: (919) 578-1128


Mon - Fri: 8:30am - 5:00pm

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